Briabe Mobile Website Redesign

Revamp the mobile-first experience for a mobile advertising agency


  • Replacement of vague objectives with clear calls to action
  • Improvement of core Web site functionality by fixing broken links and scripting errors
  • Creation of more intuitive site navigation by redefining target audience and users and removing unnecessary clicks
  • Redesigned website structures and overall UI look and feel


Briabe Mobile is a full service mobile solutions provider, targeting US Hispanic, African and Asian American consumer groups with their interactive and innovative platforms: Catalyst, America-Next, and the Social Network Analysis tool, which empower marketers to create powerful engagement hubs that outperform traditional mobile applications and websites. Even though being a player in mobile space, Briabe Mobile's website was outdated looking and not mobile responsive. Moreover, the three products targeted different audience groups, but the website navigation did not assist the users in learning about the right product for them. Therefore, as an effort of redesigning the website, the team and I redefined the target audience and represented the content in a more straightforward and effective way for the users.


Briabe Mobile identified themselves as the expert in Multicultural Audience and Mobile Advertising, yet these compelling identities were not well-represented on the old website. The homepage had a generic structure and content of an ad agency without any major selling points.

Second, the homepage failed to showcase its three products and how they could help the target audience groups. The page used a lot of buzzwords, yet ineffective in delivering meaningful purposes.

After a throughout audit, there are plenty of broken CTAs and links which had affected greatly on the user experience. A company cannot trust Briabe Mobile to build their campaigns if Briabe Mobile failed to build a functional website.

Finally, the website was not mobile responsive, which was a major red-flag for a mobile advertising agency.



Let's take a look at the old navigation and the new one.



After having determined the main products and 4 target audience groups, we put them on the top navigation for a clearer and more straightforward approach. The primary target audience groups also took up an important real estate on the homepage.



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